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Diamond Lamps Logo

The Diamond Logo always guarantees a genuine lamp inside.

Diamond Lamps produce lamp modules. For any projector user, swapping modules is the only quick, safe and reliable way to replace a projector lamp.


Original Manufacturers' Lamp + Highest quality cage = Diamond Lamps module

Original manufacturers' lamps:

Diamond Lamps has a unique set of agreements to buy directly from the original lamp manufacturers, of which there are just seven currently: Philips; Osram; Ushio; Phoenix; Iwasaki; Matsushita; Epson. Only these companies have been able to produce lamps to the necessary performance, reliability and longevity standards required by all the project brands. Between them they hold many patents for the lamp technologies involved, for more information see our technology page.

Highest quality cages:

Diamond lamps are assembled into very high quality cages made precisely to fit correctly into the relevant projectors, simply and safely. All Diamond Lamp modules are tested with the projectors before they are released for sale.

Quality assured:

The resulting Diamond Lamps modules are guaranteed to fit perfectly into each projector, to give 100% original performance and to carry no risk of any IP infringement.

Wide range of Products

Diamond Lamps offer lamp modules to fit over two thousand projector models new and old from all the projector manufacturers.

We are constantly expanding our range to add more projectors both old and new. In the last year we have added 900 new models to our list and we expect to add another 500 this year.

Please use our lamp search tool to find a specific lamp or download our product list to see all the models we have now and, if we don't have any models in our range now please bookmark this page and check again regularly to see when new models are added.

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