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The Smart Choice Lamps are often a fraction of the cost of the Original (OEM) lamps.

SmartChoice Lamps

Smart Choice Lamps are a cost-effective option when replacing the lamp in your projector or T.V.  

Smart Choice lamps are sourced from top quality lamp manufactures and come with a 90 day warranty.


Replacing the lamp in your projector or tv can be a big expense. For this reason, Projector Lamp Depot offers it's customers three options for replacing their projector's lamp: the choice between a manufacturer original replacement  lamp, Diamond Lamps and an excellent value, high quality original Smart Choice Lamp.  Smart Choice lamps are available for many projector models across 80+ manufactures.  We are adding new models on a regular basis.


ProjectorBulbs.ca continues to focus on the great value and innovation of the Smart Choice Lamp brand – a perfect combination of performance and price. 


Highest quality cages:

Smart Choice lamps are assembled into very high quality cages made precisely to fit correctly into the relevant projectors and tv's, simply and safely.


Quality assured:

The resulting Smart Choice Lamps modules are guaranteed to fit perfectly into each projector and carry a 90 day warranty.


Wide range of Products:

Smart Choice offer lamp modules to fit over two thousand projector models new and old from all the projector manufacturers.

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